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• 5/14/2015

Ooh look, the wiki forum

Hey guys look at me, I'm on the forums.
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• 3/14/2014

Sherlock quiz
This is great fun. Which character are you guys most like?
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• 3/13/2013


Soooo this wiki has been, well, inactive.
Insert coughing here. I know, I've been inactive too.  But that's due to lack of wifi (I FINALLY got an Internet connection. Yippee! So you'll be listening to my annoying chatter more ;)
Also, we need to restore this wiki to its former glory. 
Wait...that was so totally deja vu. Did Red say that before or something? Because that sounds SO familiar. 
I have a Slytherin t-shirt!! :D I'm also the only one wearing short sleeves in this weather XD well, that's me for you.
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• 2/20/2013

When are the new Admin and Bcrat Elections starting?

We did this some time last year, and I think we need a new one Red. No, seriously - we need a new one.
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• 2/11/2013

Okay, that's it - This will be highlighted and you will have to read it or else

Right, here we go; I rehearsed his in my one hour shower of comfort (that turned into a bucket-load of tears). ~ Jane
Our misfortunes started early last month. We had heard from Sapphire that there was this appallingly bad imitation of our Wiki, and that people were disappearing because of it. So, we asked her for the link (which I, personally, never got). Then, I (this was just me) asked Kate, who said that it didn't exist and was a fib. Kate, you're not bad - I'm just upset, 'kay? You're awesome (no, seriously, you  are :) ). Anyway, I was suspicious at first but I neglected it; it was probably nothing. 
But then, early this week, I found the link through Red's wall and decided to venture there, where I discovered numerous posts by certain users about us, and them wanting to get away from this Wiki for numerous reasons ranging from "wanting to get rid of MHF users" and "wanting to get away from Red's dictatorship".
Red's dictatorship.
That sent a trigger of curses through my head; if this was a friggin dictatorship, we wouldn't have a chat or pretty much anything on this Wiki, and every "I need to vent my anger out" post would vanish in a matter of seconds. Now, imagine you were us and we created a website called "OMG I HAAAATE THIS PERSON [insert username here]" - how would you feel? It was insulting; these people had created this wiki from the day it was just a wee little baby, still ugly and bad into this great thing - a database for every agent to properly meet up and discuss certain issues.
Then, I started to hear rumours that certain people found us Admins too challenging and demanding and not nice at all. I'll admit, I was hurt. Wouldn't you be if the people you considered as friends suddenly turned their back against you? I would and I still am, even though I'm the only person that has forgiven everybody else.
Now, I would like you to take the time to think about this in our positions, our shoes. Imagine the entire scenario playing again, but from our perspective. Then, write your feelings and apologies (If you would like to apologize, that includes pretty much anybody involved in this situation, including us Admins) down below (where a war will probably begin).
God and my parents (who, unlike me, are Religious) preach that all must be forgiven to continue. I would really like this continue on for at least a few years; I've met so many people with so many different personalities that it would be a shame to suddenly loose my friendship with them. I may only be thirteen, but I understand the consequences that these arguments can cause - I have lost many friends as a result of this. So please, please, please help the future of our bond by writing down what your feelings are and how you would interpret them if you were us.
- on behalf of the Admins and B-crats of the 39 Clues MB Wikia -

I would like to start:
IF you had hated us from a certain point, now is the time to tell us. IF you've hated a certain rule, tell us. We are humans too, you know, not some Wikia Cyberbots sent to control the universe. Anyway:
I have forgiven all that others have said about me, even though it still is causing me to have this pit in my stomach; it's upsetting, if certain people would hate you. But, I would really like some answers from Rosie and Kate as to why you have lied and given me excuses. I don't hate you both - you're like my sisters :) But it's still upsetting that you would never tell me what or why this came about. So far, it's been only "No more MHF" or "It's because you're too close to Red". If you're desperate to not be in contact with Pesky, I can talk to him and sort things out - excluding people hurts you on the inside, and I'm sure Pesky and other MHF users would be saddened to hear this news.
But please come back: I live on the other side of the World and I try my best to stay up a tad bit late so I can talk to you all.
~ReadingLavender9, Souffle Girl of 221B~ 15:59, February 11, 2013 (UTC)
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• 12/22/2012

Christmas...and winter!

So, Christmas is ever-so-nearer!! And to count down, we even have the awesome new wiki theme :D check out the poll on the front page!
School's out--what are you doing for two weeks of freedom?
It finally snoooooowed. Has it snowed where you are yet? SNOWBALL FIGHT ! Check it out.
Do you like Christmas? (I don't...really.) Do you celebrate Christmas?
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• 12/21/2012
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• 12/5/2012

The War Thread

I thought I might just contain our sheer randomness into a single page.... *Bites Laura's finger off*

This is the thread where all *wars* are contained to, as in punching, biting, throwing heads off, et cetera, et cetera, that kind of thing.
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