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My stories(Charli7e)

I've done a few stories on the mb, but I haven't finished any. Which one should do you think I finish first?
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Ideas, Creativity, and Flying Pigs

Need an idea for a fanfic? Think your stories are UNCREATIVE? Feel the sudden urge to write something? Want to win a contest? Wondering what Flying Pigs have to do with all this? Well you're in the right place, Cahillians (Cahills, Guardians and Vespers). You can also plan fanfics/stories/novels here and put down your random babbling :D
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Any stories you have? Share them here!
My new story! Enjoy...........
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The writing help thread!

Yeah... figured we needed one.
Just ask appropriate questions, and don't cuss (You know who you are :P) .
If you need help with romance scenes, fine. But seriously? Romance is far different than... well, things that should not be named. I'm sorry it had to be mentioned, but it did. O.o
On a lighter note, this thread is for advice as well. Ask about character development, vocabulary, description, cliches, whatever you'd like!
-Any off-topic posts will be reported.
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This is THE WORST fanfiction out there. In ANY fandom.
I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE. I just about reported that thing twice, but it's still freaking up there!! And I sooo want to flame her...
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Book Exchange

Okay, my friends and I have this thing called 'Book Exchange'. It's where we each make our own list of books we've read and want to reccomend to others (in other words, really, REALLY good books in our opinion) and we all swap lists numerous times. Then we come up with one HUGE list all together and it becomes a to-read list for all of us. Post my list later!
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Main Discussion

Okay, what is it with me and convo starters? :S

Okay, here goes! 


-your writing tips

-discuss your fanfics

-SHIPS! Personally, I'm a fan of crack.
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