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Guess Red's real name - OFFICAL GAME POST

(Red has given me his blessing to do this, fyi :P)
Obviously, Red's real name is not "Red" but rather something completely and utterly normal for a Scot like himself. As a result, he challenges you to correctly guess his name; the winner gets a wonderful prize of an unspecified amount of caramel to enjoy/stab people figuratively with.
Bonus points will be rewarded if you also get his surname correct.
Enjoy, and guess on :D
EDIT- names guessed so far:
- Alex
- Andy (x2)
- Clifford
- James Bond
- Dan
- Arthur (x2)
- Bill
- Carl
- Alison/Allie (x12345678904342343950398204)
- Albus
- Aidan

- Alistair (2)
- Allan/Allen/Alan
- Ainsley
- Albert (x2)
- Alvin (and the chipmunks)
- Andrew
- Charles
- Bob the Builder
- Banana (BA-BA-BA,BA-NA-NA-NA)
- Austin
- Arlen
- Aragorn (lmao Red would like this name)
- Amy
- Android (this one fits him perfectly)
- Argus
- Aerosmith
- Axel (Red has never ice skated :P )
- Alec
- Ashley
- Atticus (I really want to make a groan-worthy TKM joke right now ...)
- Adrian
- Agamemnon
- André
- Anderson ("don't talk out loud, you lower the IQ of the whole street")
- Alexis
- Alder
- Arlington
- Aron (Red says he hates "Aaron" and all other version of the name xD)
- Ashwin (I know an Ashwin irl, actually)
- Amrod
- Avis
- Alabaster
- Alder
- Dean
- Cas
- Dianne
- Arnold (x2)
- Asshole (apt name)
- Butthole (technically the same word as ^, but whatever)
- Dick
- Anthony
- Anton
- Annie
- Argonaut
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Alrighty guys, Rosie and I are organising a scavenger hunt that will take place really soon so if you want to join, please fill in this form:
How are you going to contact us in private (i.e. email, wattpad, skype, facebook etc):
Yes, the contact thing is obligatory; we'll send you the clues in private. That way, everybody will be at different stages of the hunt, capiche? So fill 'em in! :D
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Weird Nicknames

give people weird nicknames! remember to include an explanation. oh, these aren't real. only some, like Jamers and Mona, but the rest aren't.
James- Jamers, because it's just James with an extra r and it sounds cool.
Montego- Mona, because it's shorter and I think it sounds cute.
Red- just Red.
Alex- Cell, because Alex reminds me of excel which reminds me of cell.
Charli7e- already call her Charlize.
Katelin- Dreamer, because for some reason Katelin reminds me of Kitty, and I know someone on FFN called kitty dreamer.
Rosie- See, just's like a short version of Rosie.
David- Optim, because I'm kind of used to that now. But then I'll switch between the two.
William- Will
Alex, Katelin and Rosie's nicknames aren't real.
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Because a certain puppy deleted it a while back, it's here again, afresh and remodified! It's got forts, flying pigs and a pin-the-tail-on-the-puppy corner when you want a truce so you can hang out with your friends *cough cough opponents cough cough*. Everything is one for all; no teams.
So, shall you join in my crusade? Pretty please say you'll be strong and you'll stand with me!
~ReadingLavender9, Souffle Girl of 221B~ 15:59, January 18, 2013 (UTC)
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The Virtual Snowball Fight

As mentioned...we have a Virtual Snowball Fight.
It may or may not be snowing where you live, but we all know that snow is FUN. So...snowball fight with your everyone here! :D
...not yet. To prevent the problem of random people popping into the fight, first say if you're joining or all.
LOL I think we have Lucians and Janus on one side, Madrigals and Vespers on another, and Tomas and Ekats on the third.

Madrigals and Vespers
Amber, Sapphire, Monkey, Ellie,

Janus and Lucians
Alex, Katelin, David, James, Maleia, Montego, 

Ekats and Tomas
Jane, Violet, Laura,
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