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• 7/19/2013


First of all, we need an actual name for that. 
So secondly, if you want to be one (because we need 'em) then sign up like this:
Branch (Vesper included):
What you want to sell (see here for details):
Any previous experience with dangerous objects:
Your signature.
NOTE: previous experience refers to this wiki, the other one, Chat, and MB roleplays (WP stories if you're there.)
SO THANK YOU. At the moment I'm not going to put any Temporary Sellers up (WE NEED A NAME FOR THAT TOO) because we don't have any sellers, period. If this is complicated and you have questions go to the ATRIUM.
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• 7/19/2013

Introduction - NEWBIES COME HERE

NEWBIES (first-timers) you MUST READ THIS before you do anything else.
When you're finished with all that, then you can go to these places:
- the PERMANENT SELLERS (we need an actual name for that) Thread if you would like to be one
- the TEMPORARY SELLERS (again, naming problem) Thread if you would like to be one
- the ATRIUM (fancy name?) if you have any questions
Have a nice day. As of this point...JULY 19 2013 we need some people on the Black Market so sign yoself up. Thank you.
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