Administrator Jonathan Z one of the newer moderators/administrators and community managers so far. He is the key person moderating posts on the Spirit Animals Message Board as well as the Infinity Ring Message Board.

Unlike most other mods and admins, he also answers questions on the boards and replies to the MBers, but has not posted as much recently. Despite this, he is a favorite admin of many MBers. Most have now taken to calling him Jon Z, Jon, Professor Z, Mod JZ, and even POW! Jon.

Though not on the MBs much, he does contribute in making games for the Scholastic Plus Sites, his most recent work being the Collider Cab game.

Admin Jon Z

As the number of posts are increasing, the other mods and admins needed help, so he comes into the picture as an intern for Scholastic.

He is also a major in Game Design at NYU.

He is a Spirit Animals level 9, although that is expected to augment soon.

He posts the Post of the Week (Also known as POW) thread every week, where he picks one post from each of the MBs and a bonus post (a recent addition) on any of the MBs in which he has another post from an MB because he finds the thread worthy.

He said that Infinity Ring is his favorite forum.

He loves to sleep.

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