Admin Kevin P
Kevin P current
Date First Posted Lorem ipsum
First Post Lorem ipsum
Known As Kevin
Branch Lorem ipsum
Active Yes
Duties Lorem ipsum

He loves his sandwiches with a ton of oil and vinegar on them as described by a post on sandwiches, which is his favourite food, on the Forum. On the same post, he revealed that his favourite fillings in sandwiches are: Turkey, bacon, tomato, lettuce, munster, and a ton of oil and vinegar.

He is also more beloved than Admin Emily S. after saving the Hystorian MB from destruction by being a SQ double agent, saving the day at the last possible moment. Kevin P was rewarded with copious amounts of pie and sandwiches, which feed the masses all over the world.

He is responsible for creating the "pizza sandwich", which is a slice of pizza on top of a slice of pizza - genius!

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