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Date Joined October 12 2011
First Post Your First Vesper Mission
Alias AmazingAble50
Branch Lucian
Active No


Maleia is originated from India and has many cousins, and two younger siblings.

She also revealed that Montego was her long lost twin for an April Fools' Day prank, which some people thought was suspicious.


Straight black hair past shoulders, thin glasses, 5 foot 4, usually jeans and a sweatshirt.


Maleia is a good leader and very random at times. She can be very defensive in certain means and easygoing too. Quite random at times, she plagues her friends with el paca jokes.


Photographic memory, A plus student, natural leader, student ambassador, news reporter, espionage, athletics (especially tennis!), and can horseback ride and ski.


Clues: 32

Rank: Death Adder Agent


Maleia has read all the books and likes The Dead of Night the best.


Currently Maleia has finished all missions available.

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