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Branch Janus
Active No

AmberTempest4 or Amber, is a Janus Message-Boarder, famous for not really trying to be famous. She was the first ever member of the Code Cracking Society, and she's one of the Egypt RP contributors.

She is the twin sister of RedPuppy47.

She has a list of people to kill, which she might say, but usually won't because that gives them the advantage of leaving the country.

She does not tolerate shipping of actual people, and finds it worthy of being purged from the wiki and chat, often resorting to kicking on the chat itself.

She is a former Commander of the AVC, as she realized Joe is a diphthong. Amber has no regrets on the matter.

Amber thinks it's foolhardy to utter rash statements about herself. Most of her friends disagree.

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