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Date Joined October 11 2011
First Post Who are the Vespers? Theories? Ideas?
Alias FightingCobra225
Branch Lucian
Active No

Also known as Fightingcobra225 and Joe. The term "Career politician" does not come to mind when you think of Joe.  Joe is an active member of the Lucian Council, though many don't like him, he is a major fixture in Lucian politics. Sometimes his involvment does more harm than good, but his intentions are sound. Joe was also a major part of STAY, the organization that opposed Burning Blu. He also was the founder of the AVC.


Lucian VP (1 term)

LCA (3 terms. 1 appointed by Gabby, 2 elected)

Lucian council (2 terms, nonconsecutive)

Founder of AVC