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Date Joined April 8 2013
Alias EkaterinaAgent272
Branch Ekaterina
Active No

Ivy joined the MB on April 8th 2013. Ivy's first post was "I GOT UNSTOPPABLE". They are an Ekat agent who originally joined as EkaterinaAgent272 but changed it to AwesomeMusician19 after the merge.

Ivy is dating their amazing girlfriend Cali, who is definitely the best and most beautiful human ever.

They go by IV, Ivy Starling, Ivy Kane, Poison Ivy, Perfection, Beautiful, Canadian Psycho, or some combination thereof.

Ivy has many friends on the MB and is also a user of the Infinity Ring, Spirit Animals, and STACKS boards since they are an incredible person.

Ivy is an active member on the Ekaterina Council and is the founder of Cahills United, an organization dedicated to MB peace.


Ivy is amazing in every single way possible.

They are amazing at violin and soccer.

They have an awesome taste in music (*cough Remembering Sunday cough*)

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