Bw42 agent card
Date Joined March 6 2012
First Post Group: Code-Breakers
Alias PurpleCobra89
Branch Lucian
Active Semi

BreakingWind42, known as Kyle, has been on the MB since March 6th 2012. He's semi-active, though, usually posting once in a while.

He's a 17 year old European Lucian who lives in Canada. He's in grade twelve and his birthday is February 10th.

Kyle is the twin brother of Amethyst, and is fifteen minutes younger than her, but a few inches taller.


Kyle has short brown hair and bright greens eyes. He's tall for his age.


Kyle is sneaky, funny, charismatic, and weird. It takes years to understand him.

He's known to be the class clown in his classes.

Activity on the MB

  • Kyle joined the Writing Council as the Representative, but quit due to a busy life off the MB.
  • Kyle posts once in a while


  • Has a twin sister.
  • Hasn't changed his agent card once.
  • Has six sisters and only one brother
  • Favourite colour is purple. 
  • Is European. 1/2 French, 1/4 English, 1/4 German.
  • Speaks French, English, and German.
  • Loves penguins.
  • Can play the guitar and piano as well as sing.
  • Likes to say, "Lucian" every time he sneaks food upstairs.
  • Can dance.
  • Loves sports.
  • Likes to go to random people and say "Meep" in their ears.
  • Likes throwing bananas at one of his best friends.
  • Is a guitarist and bassist in a band called Midnight Shadow.
  • Claims he was adopted, but his twin wasn't.


"I have a D in my name. Therefore, I'm 3D."

"I'm Wolverine! With corn dogs! Fear me!"

"Can't touch this."

"I volunteer to eat the final pizza!"

"Mom. I'm your son, right? And the sun is hot? Coincidence? I think not."

"Oppa Kyle style!"