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Emilie is an MBer who's 3rd MBirthday is sometime in July. She's the goddess of Nutella (Daughter of Apollo and Aphrodite), the Queen of Shipping, a Potterhead, Cahill, Kingdom Keeper, Amity, and Sudoku Addict. She's also a Swiftie and Firebreather.


Emilie has several nicknames, including the following:

. Em

. Emi/Emmy . Voldemort . Voldy

. Ms. Voldy Needs a Nose

. She Who Must Not Be Named

. Ms. Voldemort

. You Know Who

. Emsiez (Her popular side. o_o)

. Emsies

. Emsie

. L'il Nugget (Long story )

. Mummy

. Mumsie

. Mom

and more.


MBer ships

Lyzzy (Lyss and Oz) Madibaster (Madi and Alabaster)

Fandom ships

Jake/Long Walk Off Short Bridge (39c)

Evamy (Evan/Amy) (39c)

Carian (Cara/Ian) (39c)

Cake (Cara/Jake) (39c)

Irinistair (Irina/Alistair) (39c)

Fourtris (Four/Tris) (Divergent)

Christina/Will (Divergent)

Drarry (Draco/Harry) (HP)

Voldetrix (Voldemort/Bellatrix) (HP)

Romione (Ron/Hermione) (HP)

Grindeldore (Grindelwald/Dumbledore) (HP)

Alnerva (Albus/Minerva) (HP)

Percabeth (Percy/Annabeth) OTPPP (PJO/HOO)

Jasper/Jiper (Jason/Piper) (HOO)

Pothena (Poseidon/Athena) (PJO/HOO)

Tysella (Tyson/Ella) (HOO)

Gruniper (Grover/Juniper) (PJO/HOO)

Kale (Katniss/Gale) (HG)

Husbands and Wives

Emilie's first husband is Finnick Odair from the Hunger Games.

Her second husband is Elijah, a brother of her friend Miyrah/Zemi from the MB.

Her third husband is one she is engaged to, Kyle (twin brother of Amethyst) from the MB. She does not wish to be wed to him.

Her fourth husband is Four/Tobias from Divergent. Sometimes she calls him Theo James.

Her fifth husband is Potato. This is Potato: .-.

Her sixth husband is Dan Reynolds, the lead singer of Imagine Dragons. <3

Her first wife is Bellatrix (Real name is classified), whom divorced Emilie.

Emilie also has several fictional 'lovers/boyfriends'. The two main ones are Leo Valdez from Heroes of Olympus and Uriah Pedrad from Divergent.

Mrs. Emilie is sometimes known as Emilie Cahill-Odair-Eaton-Valdez.

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