Corrupt a wish

Corrupt- a -Wish is arguably one of the most popular threads on the MB. Started by Noelle Cahill (AquaBreeze125) on February 6th 2012, the thread has grown to 38 pages.

Corrupt a wish

Corrupt-a-Wish is basically a game where one person names a wish and the next attempts to 'corrupt' the wish by twisting it into something undesirable.

Corrupt-a-Wish started on February 6th, 2012, but took a little less than a month to officially take off by being present on the first page of the MB. Before it took off, it was mostly the creator of the thread, Noelle (AquaBreeze125), and Kelly (AmethystChurch2/SagaWriter14) participating on the thread, along with Ari (LavenderSpirited4/EvilAngel80).

The first five pages has posts all in the month of March, 2012, making it one busy thread. Even though Noelle hasn't posted anything on the thread since July 23rd, 2012, it is still an active thread. The thread is one of, if not the longest active thread on the MB.

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