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Date Joined November 2 2012
First Post Free reusable card codes and a sneak peek for A Kings Ransom!!!
Alias BookBlack10
Branch Janus
Active No

Hello, friends and soon-to-be-friends, this is my page aka Crazyllama23's page aka Priyanka's page. I figured that not many of you know a lot about me so I made this page.

About me



Joined the MB on-4th November 2012

Friends-Siri, Skittles, Chu, Cali, Ezra, Daniel, Vivian, Essy, Ivy, Layna, Kathy, Clair, Justin Copyycat, Asia, Kazey, William and many more.



Insanity meter-86.50434838483849495040384%

Political Positions

Madrigal-Special Agent

Tolliver Resistance-Co-leader


Reading, being randomly funny, MBing, training army of evil snails(mwahahaha)

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