Double accounts are something very common in the Message Board. They are usually used to go in groups that you wouldn't get in with your main account, and, that way, spying in them. One of the most famous were Alex (FightingClassified50), made by Becca (AgentWolf827), who stayed in the Vespers for two months. The most-looked for double accounts are of Ashley (SteelBone2) and Julian (RisingHunter6), as they have both admitted having double accounts in important groups, such as Cahill Councils and the AVC.

Believed Double Accounts

It is widely believed that Joe (FightingCobra225), controls three other accounts: the accounts of Rex, Vince, and Eric. It was previously believed that the second account of Julian (RisingHunter6) was Montego (CommanderLucian12). It is a known fact that Ashley (SteelBone2) has a second account in the Vespers, Fyre (SteelFire1), as well as quite few other accounts in other branches.