Date Joined August 8 2011
First Post The Vespers Website!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alias BearButterfly23
Branch Ekaterina
Active no

This page is about DragonHungry1. 

He/she/it/they (you have know idea what/who this person might be) Is an extremely......Unsuccessful poster (well, sometimes) on the Message Board.  Hobbies include, Spying, stealing, sneaking, getting out of tough situations, computers, hacking, lock picking, driving, (motorcycles included)


Name: Agent 007 (JK) AKA Agent J

Agent Card Number:P2WCMDGHXP.

Alias: DragonHungry1

Age: Classified

Branch: Lucian/Janus/Vesper

Date joined MB: January 13th, 2012

Stories: A couple...

Groups: LucianElite, United Nations, KGB

Occupation: Lucian ....Um...That's Classified Info, 

Favorite quotes: "United we stand, Divided we Fall","The best way to make money, is to fold it over, and put it back in your pocket"

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