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Empress was born in 1343 in a country that was where Russia is now (Kievan Rus). Her mom is Eris, who is goddess of chaos, strife and discord, and her father was an Emperor (hence her name). Empress moved to the state of Maine in the year 1880 and has lived on the coast ever since. She has very strong connections to the Vespers and even knew the original Damien Vesper from the 1500's. Empress also knew the Damien Vesper from the twenty first century and briefly dated him. Even though she's 680 years old, she only looks 18 because she's half goddess and they don't age quickly. Empress used to be a professional assassin and spy, she has worked for the CIA, but she missed her dream of the Vespers, but she didn't like how it was being run, and she didn't care for the people. In her spare time, Empress is into archery, hanging out at shooting ranges like every normal teenager, decoding (hence hydradecoding) and traveling around the world (she's been to almost every country. Except Canada. Which is odd because she moved to Maine.)

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Empress' card

MB History:

Empress first started off the MB trying to take down the Vespers. She made a lot of enemies there, and realized she was a threat to their fragile group. This gave Empress an idea, start her own group. So she did..

The Rouge Vespers: The group that Empress started. It started off slow, but gained somet of support and became a reasonably functional group. However, due to the summer, Empress wasn't on very much, and her group disbanded, most of the group never to return.

After that, Empress didn't commit to much on the MB, but she did make friends with Avy (CrazyBanana40) and Jade (DarkJade65). They decided to make a story together called "Jade, Empress, and Avy's Australian Adventure", which was a very edgy story that pushed the limits of the mods.

Jade (DarkJade65) threw a MB party, but due to it's nature, she ended up getting a permanent ban. Empress was there, too, but somehow escaped punishment.

Jade then created a new account (BlackLynx363), but she was never the same, and eventually died.

Due to this, Empress has nobody to talk too, so she created "Revenge of the Rouge Vespers!", but it never really took off. At all.

So now Empress is waiting for a reply to see if she can Co-Lead The Rebels group. The Rebel leader, Dark, said that Empress could join the Rebels as the rebels Marshall, second in command, and her and Dark talk about strategies.

She is now in a group called JETMA (Jade, Empress, The Ring of Fyre, Maledine, Avy). The group is basically them talking.

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