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Date Joined February 19 2014
First Post Trivia Tuesdays
Alias UnlockingHidden1
Branch Ekaterina
Active No

EpicPegasus39 (Formerly UnlockingHidden1), also known as Hazel, is an MBer on The 39 Clues, Infinity Ring, and Worlds Collide. She is a 13 year old in 8th grade. She has been on the MB since February of 2014, but has stalked the Message Board for several years before her first post. She came before the Merge.


Hazel is just like most other people her age. She loves books, likes math unless it tortures her, wishes school had less days, wonders what she'll be when she grows up, doesn't have much life outside of books, school, writing, and the internet, tends to be rather quiet most of the time, and very shy around strangers. However, she will be VERY angry if one angers her friends, so be warned. She is also a shipper.


Hazel loves to ship people, whether in books or real life. She calls herself the Shipping Master, though many would disagree. Here are some ships that she ships.


Emilijah (Emilie+Elijah)

Tyrah (Tyler+Miyrah)

Lyzzy (Oz+Lyss)

Madibaster (Alabaster+Madi)

The Dragon Couple (Seira+Dragaaron)

Reo/Rubeo (Ruby+Leo)


Percabeth (Percy+Annabeth)

Frazel (Frank+Hazel)



Beckelina (Silena+Beckendorf)

Thalico (Thalia+Nico)

Caleo (Calypso+Leo)

Lukercy (Luke+Percy)

Perico (Percy+Nico)

Romione (Ron+Hermione)

Hinny (Ginny+Harry)



TV Shows

Will+Emma (Glee)

Jesse+Rachel (Glee)

Klaine (Kurt+Blaine, Glee)

Fitzsimmons (Fitz+Simmons, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)

Lenny (Leonard+Penny, The Big Bang Theory)

Shamy (Sheldon+Amy, The Big Bang Theory)

Real Life

Sonicho (The people of this ship shall remain classified)


  • Never insult her friends unless you have a good reason or you will have a very angry Ekat on your hands
  • She has one older brother
  • She is thirteen years old
  • She is an Imagine Dragons fan
  • She was in Forensics (The speech, interpretation, and debate kind, not the crime lab one)
  • Hazel is a Ravenclaw and a Daughter of Athena or Hermes
  • Hazel hates Pizza. Like, she seriously hates it.
  • Favorite Band: Imagine Dragons
  • Favorite TV Shows: Glee, The Big Bang Theory, TRON: Uprising, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. She's more into romantic comedy shows because of her many fears, such as spiders and heights.
  • She shares the same birthday as her favorite book character, which is awesome!

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