Honorary Vespers are Cahills who are deemed worthy enough by the Vesper Council of Eight. They are "good Vespers" who are not really Vespers. There are sort of Vahills, which mean that they are part Vesper and part Cahill. Their official colour is grey.

List of Honorary Vespers

There are quite a few honorary Vespers at current moment.

  • Katherine
  • Ashley
  • Makenzie
  • Mia and Anna Maria
  • Kimberly
  • Miks
  • Jessica
  • Kathy
  • Jason/FireDragon765
  • Mackenzie/ActorBlack37
  • Mia/Anna Maria/RisingSword6
  • Kimberly/AmethystMeadow2
  • Miks/EaglePurple20
  • Megan/SilverArt28
  • Kathy/SneakyGirl1

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