Date Joined July 9 2013
First Post Is There Ekaterina Leadership on the Message Board?
Alias VolcanoTurtle1
Branch Lucian
Active No

HurricaneLynx11 is the account of Justin Copycat.

Justin Copycat's History

February 2011 - Justin read The Maze of Bones

June 2011 - Justin joined The 39 Clues Website

July 2013 - Justin joined the Message Board


For the first two weeks of being on the MB, Justin Copycat simply went by "Justin". Justin then decided he didn't like this name, and renamed hismself "A-Bomb".

Though after several weeks, he decided he wanted to start an orginization called "The Tinzarzhins". He then renamed himself: "Emperor Omega of the Tinarzhins".

After his failed attempt of the "Tinarzhins", Justin decided he wanted to be called Justin Wayne (middle name) Rosenbloom. This lasted for about two weeks.

Justin then decided he wanted to copy someone's agent card, so he copied Bella's agent card. Bella called him Justin Copycat. He has been using the name ever since, and continues to copy agent's agent cards.

Who He Has Copied

Justin has copied many agent cards, much to his humor. Here is who he has copied so far:

  • Bella Starling (EkaterinaPink8)
  • Ivy Starling (AwesomeMusician19)
  • Kathy (SneakyGirl1)
  • Madi (BrainyAthena172)

Justin plans to copy Jessica, Kade, Priya and Red in the future.


Justin only recently achieved all of The 39 Clues, after purchasing all of the books and five card packs.


Justin has beat all of the missions except for CVV2, CVV3, CVV4, CVV5, CVV6, Extreme Mission I and Extreme Mission II. He cannot beat these because he is not allowed to have Unity Web Player.


  • Ancestry and Family History
  • Chemistry
  • Science
  • Math
  • Ranching, duh!

Justin's Shout Outs!

  • Jessica
  • The Matts
  • Kris
  • Essy
  • Cali
  • Bella
  • Amethyst
  • Rosie
  • Chase
  • And Ivy!!

Keep up your awesomeness, guys!

Disney Infinty

Justin Copycat LOVES Disney Infinity. He especially likes power discs.


  • Lives on a Ranch in New Mexico!
  • Is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, more commonly known as Mormons.
  • Has been Agent of the Week for helping newbies and creating AID, an organization devoted to helping MBers.
  • Is the Madrigal Council Vice Leader.