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Midnight Ride
Imagemidnigjt ride
Author Clifford Riley
Publication date December 1, 2013

Midnight Ride is the last installment of The Cahill Files by Clifford Riley. It was revealed on December 6th on the message board by Admin Lauren F. [1] It follows the journey of famed Cahill Paul Revere during the American Revolution.


The Cahills are the most powerful family the world has ever known. Its members, which include everyone from Benjamin Franklin to Marie Curie, have shaped history through their global hunt for the 39 Clues—the key to the clan’s immense power.

So when the family’s rival factions gather for a holiday celebration, everyone is on high alert. Everyone, that is, except for fourteen-year-old Amy and her eleven-year-old brother, Dan. The siblings are the only Cahills who don’t know about their legacy . . . and how far their relatives will go to keep them in the dark.

Amy and Dan expect to spend Christmas Eve like they always do—trying not to embarrass themselves in front of the world leaders and celebrities who attend their grandmother’s annual party. But when an intruder steals an heirloom that once belonged to Paul Revere, Amy and Dan must call on skills they didn't realize they had to stop the enemy. . . and uncover dangerous secrets about their mysterious family.