Moderator Jen B's card

Moderator Jen B is one of five moderators on the 39 Clues Message Board, the Hystorian Forum and the Greencloak Message Board. Her job is taking care of the boards, so if any of the rules are broken, she has the right to edit or delete that post. She has some help from other moderators, but she gets the final say. Moderator Jen B holds the current record for being the first moderator to have the longest conversation with an agent (Jason/FireDragon113). She is a Tomas Moderator. There are also rumours that she is a double identity of Admin Jen T. This is likely false.

It was revealed that WolfKnife10 (Alex) was lying about her resignation from Scholastic because of her fictional relationship with Gavin B (Javin).


  • She is also known to be a resident of England.
    Mod Jen B Troll

    A different spin on her card, created by RedPuppy47 to mock the strange way that users' banned counters kept randomly increasing as they were due to expire.