Cahill C Moderators & Administrators Cahill C

Moderator Jen B | Admin Gavin B
Admin Keith F | Admin Shelia L | Noah S
Admin Len F | Admin Beth N | Admin Jen T | Admin Mallory K ____________________________________________________________________________

Admin Jonathan Z

Purple HystorianAdmin Kevin P | Admin Erika S | Admin Emily S | Admin Harmonie R | Admin Lauren FPurple Hystorian
The Moderators and Administrators are the people whom moderate as well as run the 39 Clues Message Board alongside all other Scholastic Forums (e.g Infinity Ring, Spirit Animals). They are:


On the first of October, to celebrate the release of Nowhere to Run, the Admins posted a picture of themselves (below) to show their excitement. Not all admins are in this photo.

The Admin Crew

From left to right, the Moderators/Admins in the picture are:

Mallory Kass, Keith F, Gavin B, Harmonie R and Len F

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