Date Joined Unknown
First Post Unknown
Alias MysteryWriter3
Branch Lucian
Active No

MysteryWriter3, known as Maxine, is fairly popular Lucian in the 39 Clues Message Board. She might even be named as "Friendliest Person in the MB."

Personal Info

Name: Maxine Chan (real last name)

Alias: Maxine Cahill

Family Backround: Filipino and 1/4 Chinese

Country: Philippines

Age: Recently turned 12

Birthday: June 2001

More About Her

Maxine is a writer and a blogger. She likes to make friends and have fun on the MB. She is currently writing two stories namely Not A Princess Thing which she wrote by herself and Fire and Ice: The Darkness Behind It which she wrote with Shelby (BulldogAmber264), Martisha (FushiaLily5), and Brianna (EmeraldLabrador35). They are all considered to be Maxine's MB BFFs.

She likes to write, read, bike, swim, and play games. She considers herself a Lucian, Janus, and Ekaterina. As of now, she doesn't have an alter-ego. She has lots of MB BFFs and likes to make new friends. Her favorite colors are black and blue

She has straight layered dark brown hair, black eyes, and a flat nose. Even though she has a flat nose, she is not ashamed to tell everyone about it. She's Asian, 5'2" in height, and weighs 93 pounds.

She likes a lot of books. She is also a big fan of "The Hunger Games" trilogy.

What She Supports

She is a huge Amian (Amy and Ian) fan although she doesn't support Danatalie (Dan and Natalie). However, she is 1% Evamy (Evan and Amy) because of what happened to Evan on DoD.

Position in the Council

None at the moment since she never joined but she is thinking of running on the next Lucian elections.

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