The Pierce Council is now inactive.

The Pierce Council

The (first) Official Pierce Council (not to be mistaken for the Founders Media Council, which was a temporary attempt for a version of this council) was originally founded on Feb. 26th, 2014, by N. Valarin Pierceson, and since then, met resistance from someone who tried to copy it and make it his own. The person failed, to join only a few days later in the position of Advisor.

The Pierce Council is trying to spread to every part of the Message Board as peacefully as possible, while getting as many members as possible.


Then, after Nyla left, the council began to fall apart a few months afterward. Ashley and Jade, which she out in charge, attempted to keep it going, but once Nyla returned, she found Jade gone and Ashes banned from the Internet. She has recently revived it again; her opinion on the matter is that “we need to survive. All the others have. Why not us?”

Interesting News/Council Updates

The Council is currently struggling to piece itself back together.  Kathy, has thus joined them, along with other former and new members.

The new meeting is now @116147

Please come!


  • N. Valarin Pierceson (Leader)
  • Lyssta S. Grant-Pierce (co-leader)
  • Z. Jade Pierce (co-leader)
  • Rynn K-Pierce (VP/stand-in for Nyla)
  • R. Raven Pierce (VP/stand-in for Lyssta)
  • Clair K. Copycat-Pierce (Advisor)
  • Hazel T. Pierce-Cahill (Reporter)
  • F. Pierce (Janus ambassador)
  • G. Pierce (Ekat ambassador)

N. Valarin Pierceson has added that The Piercers are the fallback for those who do not have an ability to take part in the meetings, (such as Reporters) so they can still be a 'part' of the Council; she has also said that it is automatically granted to anyone who joins, but it can be taken away by a Leader or VP if seen fit.

Council Ads

Currently, there are two ads for the Pierce Council, neither of which vary from each other in words, but the original colour (pale pink) was changed to fading shades of red and orange, altered by K. Cahill Pierce as Reporter.

Altered by K. Cahill Pierce


Unaltered Original


To Join The Pierce Council

Fill out the form and then submit it to the link at the top of the page, which can also be found at the bottom.


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