ProudChallenger2 - Card Front
First Post 'Alright, alright no
hugs please - it's gabby!'
Alias gabby
Branch Lucian
Active No

Some Basic Facts

ProudChallenger2, also known as gabby, was a Lucian on the 39 Clues Message Board. She was a writer, blogger, and a code-cracker. She enjoyed making people laugh, making new friends, and having a good time!

Gabby is widely regarded as the greatest MBer to have walked its threads. She was elected to two terms as Lucian Leader but left just after the commencement of her second term. 

Personal Info:

Name: gabby Cahill (false last name)

Other Nicknames Include: Luigi, Jessie, Gab, Gabriella, Ella, and Ze gabby.

Age: 16 in August

Looks: She has brown hair and honey-colored eyes.

Other Important Facts:

~ She was half American, half British.

~ She had been Lucian Leader on the Message Board.

~ She had an imaginary assistant named Ignosce.

~ She liked to be random, but can be serious if she wants to.

Her Hobbies Included:

Lacrosse, gymnastics, biking, reading, painting, dancing, music, writing, Monk, The Mentalist, playing video games, and ripstik-ing.

An Important Note:

She left on October 7, 2012

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