The 39 Clues Message Board have a lot of roleplays (RPs). This means that more than one person contribute to a story from their character's point of view (POV).

Some of the more notable RPs:

Name: Egypt RP

Founder: Vince/CommanderDetective7

Contributers: Red/RedPuppy47, Jason/FireDragon113, Dracia/BlackWolf360, Katherine/AmethystAlliance23 & Joe/FightingCobra225


Name: Into the Gauntlet: The Ultimate Challenge

Founder: Ashley/SteelBone2

Contributers: there are around 30 of them, including sponsors and reporters


Name: Immortals RP

Founder: ArtisticBeliever28

Contributers: N/A


Name: Le Collège des Cahill Unité et Excellence (The College of Cahill Unity and Excellency)

Founder: CommanderLucian12

Contributors: We have over 65 members, not all of them are active.


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