There are some rules on The 39 Clues Message Board, created and enforced mainly by Moderator Jen B . These include:

  • No last name, schools or cities (first names and states are ok)
  • Age/grade is ok but not birthdays
  • No being mean, rude, or cursing
  • No posting your email address or links to other websites
  • No attachments or pictures are allowed (unless, of course, it's a 39 Clues Signature Graphic)

In July of 2014, Admin Gavin B announced that new rules would be coming soon. When posting, you see the "key rules":

  • Clean language
  • No bullying
  • No personal information
  • First name and state are okay

To see the full list of rules, click here.

When these rules are not followed, this may result in banning.

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