Background Information


William's agent card.

The account OutsmartingAthena110, also known as Sir William Cauliflower of Romany, was made mainly for stabbing the Defenders at whatever weak points the controllers of the account could find. The idea of a group double account was brought forth by James, and the rest of the people involved agreed. Kathy made the account and shared the password with whomever agreed to the "terms" of being a part of the Cauliflower Family.

Kathy was the first to post, taking the first offense against the Defenders and starting the war. FreeLancer27, Co-Director of the Defenders, retaliated, and the other members of the Cauliflower Family [Boadicea, Chu, Ivy, Kariri, James, Montego] took the reins. The war was an out of control thing, with more than just two sides. The Cauliflowers fought for what they thought was right, and the Defenders fought to defend themselves.

The Cauliflower Family

Sir William Cauliflower of Romany was no normal newbie on the MB. He was actually a double account. Not just a double account, but a group account too. The people controlling the account are referred to as the "Williams", the "Cauliflower Family", or the "Cauliflower Army". The entire family/army was composed of Wikians.


  • Kathy - started the war by calling the Defenders pointless; created the account; posted in Trebuchet MS, black, helped with tactics to get the Defenders to trip up
  • Montego - helped with much of the planning of the account/posts [tactics] to set the stage for Sir William, never actually posted
  • Boadicea - added much to the war with many threads; posted in Georgia size five, blue
  • Chu - never actually posted on the account, but was part of the Cauliflower family, and created William's name.
  • Ivy - added to the war with some posts; posted in default font in black/orange
  • James - never posted through William, but came up with the idea for a group account
  • Kariri - added to the war with some posts; posted in Times New Roman, silver


  • Jay - saw and understood everything that the Cauliflower Family was doing, from making at least twenty double accounts, to baiting the Defenders into tripping up. Never said a word or gave anything away.
  • Cali - was never officially a part of the family, but posted on double accounts to bait the Defenders into doing something wrong; notably a part of the RCD group, formed by her and other girls of the Cauliflower Family
  • Nyla - not a part of the Cauliflower family, but helped with the RCD group by providing a backstory to make them seem less suspicious to the Mods/Defenders
  • Korey - also helped with the RCD group in the same way that Nyla did

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