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The Doublecross Forum

On February 24th, 2015, the site was changed for the new Doublecross series. Although the old site was still accessible, to use the Message Board one had to use the new site. The new site proved an annoyance for many MBers, and petitions were made to restore the old site.


The current Doublecross MB.

On computer, the banner was now bright blue and yellow. This was hurting the eyes of many MBers, so the colors of the site were later toned down. The banner also could not be scrolled up, and this limited the use of the screen.

On mobile, the MB was severely limited. Although people could edit their own signatures, they could not view anybody's signatures. Along with that, when on the main MB page, there was no way of knowing the thread author or number of posts unread on a certain thread without actually clicking on the thread.

Overall, the general consensus was that the new site was displeasing, but despite that, the original MB has not yet been restored.

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