The New CVP is a group led by Ashley (SteelBone2). It was reformed out of the old CVP (Cahill and Vesper Peace), which was created by Jason (FireDragon113)

The Positions go as follows:

Head Positions

Commander: Ashley

Head Peacekeepers:

JANUS: Misty (AquaCat)

EKAT: DolphinDolphin

VESPER: Grace (SpiritedRogue)

LUCIAN: William (ClassifiedCat)

TOMAS: Katherine (AmethystAlliance)

Other Positions

The Rebels of the Rebellion...s

The Purple People Keepers

Fight's OFF...ers

The Reporters

The Welcoming Comittee

The :D's

The Original CVP's

The Acusers of the Acusers