The Scholastic Plus merge, more commonly known as The Merge, is an account for Scholastic users created by the Mods that allows you to access STACKS, Spirit Animals, Infinty Ring and the 39 Clues without having to create multiple accounts. The Merge is highly controversial and has sparked debate on the 39 clues Message Board, with some agents stating that there should have been more "agent voice" on the matter before it was implemented.

Agent Card2

One of the issues with the Merge was that those who already had an account were forced to pick a new username. This had mixed reactions. Some agents were delighted to change their username, perhaps because they didn't like their old one. Others liked their old username better. A common complaint was that the new username choices didn't include Cahill branches. They asked the Mods to add that, and they waited, but the Mods never kept their promise. Many of the agents who waited to change their username lost their posts and had to make new ones. Those who had left the MB before the merge and didn't know about the username change never came back so their accounts became "Classified."

Classified agents

Previously, the Mods had warned that the Merge would soon become compulsory and it recently has, angering certain agents on the Message Board; some have even threatened to leave if a medium cannot be reached.

The Merge has also caused several issues, such as non-accessible accounts, username problems and many more.