The Tomas Brigade was created by Danny (MidnightOfficer4) as an organization to rebuild the Tomas Council and find more active Tomas MBers. It was a huge hit at first, gathering all agents from different branches. The organization had 4 different types of rankings: Soccer agent, Skier agent, Swimmer agent, and Board of Brigade, each one playing a special role in the organization. It was only one week and things were looking great, until....


Only 11 days since the council started, Danny left mysteriously left which left the whole organization in a frenzy. VampireNinja31 was now in charge after Danny entrusted the him with the Vice Leader position.  It was almost as though he knew he was going to leave. VampireNinja31 only kept the organization good for another 5 days, then people started to leave due to poor leadership and laziness.  After only another 13 days, the Brigade had collapsed. VampireNinja31 tried to keep the brigade running and did pretty well, but the brigade ended on October 21st, 2014 with VampireNinja and TigerMermaid as the last members.