• crashing*
  • screaming*
  • windows shattering*
  • picks self up from floor, brushing broken glass and dirt off of myself*

Well, hi!

  • smiles*

I'm back...

  • smile turns mysterious*

Am I back though?



I haven't decided yet.

I guess we'll wait see, eh?

It depends.

On what, you ask?

Well, you see...

My mood.

My parents.

My life.

The universe.

The alignment of the stars.

The planets themselves.

Everything, I answer.

As for now...

I shall consider myself back.

For the moment.

I won't be on regularly.

But that is not the reason I am "here".

I need to ask a favor.

I have joined a world of writing, deadlines, staying-up-late-because-I-have-to, coffee, and stress.


Journalism class.


My overlord demands views for this next article.

What's my next article, you ask?

Possibly the death penalty.

Maybe CRISPR - Cas9, a high-tech machine that edits genes.

In any case, I ask you to go read my latest article.

On sustainable coffee.

What is that, you question once more?

That's what my article answers, dear.

Shall I post it here?


But then, I shan't get the views I need.

I shall talk to my parents. (Is that lame? Well, we are close now. I hate to disappoint them.)


On another note, how have you all been?

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