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Waste of Space is a complete idiot, and probably the funniest character in the Egypt RP. He was invented by RedPuppy47 originally just to add humor to one POV, but the character took a major rise in popularity. RedPuppy47 got the idea for the character after watching the following clips of the British Sitcom Fawlty Towers which feature Basil Fawlty, owner of Fawlty Towers (a hotel), and Manuel, a bumbling Spanish waiter.

RedPuppy47 recently confirmed that WoS shall be reappearing in TERP, as the real one. This will be the third 'Waste of Space' to exist in TERP - One was a short-lived spy, one was Rob Carrick posing as WoS, and the third one will be WoS himself. Red has yet to reveal Waste of Space's real name, though rumours have been circulating that his real name is 'Dominic 'Dom' Smith', 'Graham Ednew' or, strangely, 'Aidan Turner', which is also the name of the actor who plays Kili in The Hobbit. In an update, Red has confirmed that the character will be named after an actor from The Hobbit, but the identity is still to be revealed. Odd.

In an upcoming POV, Waste of Space will be known as James and his cousin as Stephen.

Red has also confirmed that Waste of Space will be appearing with his cousin (the appropriately named Waste of Time) in the return of WoS. This is likely to increase the humor WoS brings, as it is likely that he will be even funnier in a double act.

I know nothing! - Fawlty Towers - BBC01:50

I know nothing! - Fawlty Towers - BBC

Red plans to use this idea soon.



The origins of 'Waste of Space'

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