I'm in your closet. Hello.


Also known as Jane. She can be found on The 39 Clues Message Board Wiki editing, liaising with the other Admins and Bureaucrats or on chat when she's not dealing with the ins-and-outs of the IB diploma. In her spare time, Jane likes to bake, write and perform in various musicals or plays.


Known colloquially as Red. The Founder of the Wiki, considered the boss by some (not least himself). Tends to work on the foundations of the wiki, and often hovers around patrolling edits and chat. Knowledgeable, he's able to answer most of your Wiki questions. Famously mysterious.


A mostly active Bureaucrat, Sapph likes to lurk around and procrastinate.


William. Currently inactive. Eurovision Song Contest Lover.



At The 39 Clues Message Board Wiki, AmberTempest works with the editing community and chat room. When off duty, Amber enjoys reading, writing, and hunting down evil things.


At The 39 Clues Message Board Wiki, CobrastyleNinja30 works directly with users to solve problems within the editing community and chat room. She's willing to welcome new users and help them get the hang of wikia and the wiki. When off duty, Jess enjoys reading novels, writing, and stealing cupcakes.


At The 39 Clues Message Board Wiki, Rynn Recreaze-Vallia Morgenstern, also known as Kathy, is usually found hanging out on chat or mass editing the wiki because she has no life. She can type up to 100 WPM because all she ever does is chat with people. She enjoys talking to the people on the wiki, has a bad temper, is horrible with coding, and duels random people on Pottermore in her free time.

Chat Moderators


At The 39 Clues Message Board Wiki... Currently inactive.


At The 39 Clues Message Board Wiki, Chu is probably the only person who cares about anything anymore.


At The 39 Clues Message Board Wiki, Viraldude works with the chat room to keep peace in her time zone.

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